Residential Services

Pre-Acquisition Consultation

Stage 1

Our pre-acquisition Property and Project consultation includes a one hour on-site Client
consultation, commentary on general property condition, maintenance requirements and visual
defect (if any). For acquisitions including a project, refurbishment or extension the consultation
extends to a review of planning, high level budget cost and advice on building programme.

Building Inspection Report

Stage 2

A Building Inspection Report is a comprehensive written report based on a walk through visual
inspection and snap shot of the property condition at a point in time, including a photographic
schedule and advice on property condition, maintenance and remedial cost, if any. In addition, the
report will include an inspection of any accessible areas, for example attic spaces, foul and surface
water inspection chambers.

Project Management

Stage 3

Structure CPM Ltd is a client focused Residential project management service which assures you
take control of your project through an independent advisory service. Avoid costly mistakes by
informed risk analysis, value engineering and efficient project programming and cost control.