Independent Monitoring Surveyor

Independent Monitoring Surveyor

An Independent Monitoring Surveyor (IMS) is tasked with providing quality advice on real estate development projects to allow investors make informed risk-evaluated lending decisions. 

Real Estate development is a competitive sector with many unforeseen complexities in the process, making the task a high-risk lending proposition. Independent knowledge and experience in understanding multidisciplinary professional stakeholders are key to successful outcomes.

“Protecting the Client’s interests by identifying and advising on the risks associated with acquiring an interest in a development that is not under the Client’s direct control.” 

Source: RICS professional guidance, UK Lender’s independent monitoring surveyor 1st edition)

My role as an independent monitoring surveyor delivers a duty of care to the lender in the provision of a vast range of knowledge in real-estate and construction project experience.


  • private banks 
  • specialist real estate finance providers 
  • mezzanine or subordinate/2nd charge debt providers 
  • funds (insurance, institutional, etc.)

Our Role

Structure CPM Ltd is a client focused company with an appetite for niche services that provide real benefits in real estate development and property. Our approach to projects is an honest and open collaboration with a diplomacy in successfully developing partnerships, resulting in financial and professional gain.

In essence, our role is to monitor investment opportunities and subsequently the progress of projects towards the drawdown of funds in the form of an independent consultancy service.